Ecuyers & champions


Riding for sport started in the middle of the XIX century : racing, cross country, trekking, and were mainly practiced by the military. Very quickly the ecuyers of the Cadre Noir made their name in important competitions. The first Cavalry Horse Championship, which later became Eventing, was organized in Saumur in 1902. It was won by Captain de Saint-Phalle, an ecuyer of the Cadre Noir.
In 1912 equestrian sports were introduced into Olympics. At the Paris Olympics in 1924 Captain Lesage won the individual bronze medal in Dressage. Two Olympics later in Los Angeles he was Olympic champion in the same discipline. From then on it rained medals: with 45 ecuyers selected in 17 olympics, the Cadre Noir of Saumur won 9 Olympic medals; 7 gold, one silver and one bronze.

Successes of the ecuyers of the Cadre Noir in top level competition

The sporting achievements of the members of the Cadre Noir are proof of the quality of training.
2002 ; World Equestrian Games in Jerez de la Frontera: Warrant officer Didier Courrèges and Jean-Luc Force won the World Vice-Champions title in the Team 3-Day Event.
2003 ; European Championships: new French team selection and new medals for the Cadre Noir when Jean-Luc Force and Arnaud Boiteau won the European Vice-Champions title in the Team 3-Day Event.
2004 ; Olympic Games in Athens: Arnaud Boiteau and Major Courrèges won the Olympic title in the Team 3-Day Event.
2007 ; European Championships: the French 3-Day Event team with team members Arnaud Boiteau and Didier Dhennin won the European vice-Champions title, as in 2005.

The Cadre noir it is also :

  • 35 ecuyers of the Cadre noir selected at the Olympic Games
  • 9 olympic medals :
    • 7 gold medals
    • 1 silver medal
    • 1 bronze medal

1920 – ANVERS Lieutenant Artola with Plumard Lieutenant L’Hotte with Kabyle Capitaine Saint Pouloff with Josette
1924 – PARIS Capitaine Wallon with MagisterCapitaine Lesage (bronze) with Plumard Lieutenant Artola with Almas
1928 – AMSTERDAM Capitaine Wallon with Clough Bank
Colonel Danloux with Rempart
Capitaine de Rivoyre with Nistos
Lieutenant du Breuil with Titania
1932 – LOS ANGELES Commandant Lesage (gold) with Taine
1936 – BERLIN Lieutenant de Ballore (silver) with Débaucheur Lieutenant Margot with Sayda
Capitaine du Breuil with Boréal
1948 – LONDON Capitaine Jean Saint Fort Paillard (gold) with Sous les Ceps
Commandant de Saint André with Vol au Vent
1952 – HELSINKI Commandant de Saint André with Vol au Vent
Capitaine Saint Fort Paillard with Tapir
Pierre Jonquères d’Oriola (gold) with Ali Baba
1956 – STOCKHOLM Jean Salmon with Kipling Pierre Jonquères d’Oriola with Voulette Commandant Saint Fort Paillard with Farceur
Lieutenant Bouchet with FerneyLieutenant Lefrant with Nycias
1960 – ROME Pierre Jonquères d’Oriola with Eclair au chocolat Adj. Chef Le Goff with Image
Lieutenant Durand with Gulliano
1964 – TOKYO Pierre Jonquères d’Oriola (gold) with Lutteur B Adjudant Le Goff with Léopard
Lieutenant de Croutte with Monclos
1968 – MEXICO Pierre Jonquères d’Oriola with Nagir Adjudant Chef Guyon (gold) with Pitou
Adjudant Chef Martin with Quel Feu
Daniel Le Chevalier with Opéra
1972 – MUNICH Adjudant Le Rolland with Cramique Commandant Durand with Varin
1980 – MOSCOU (Goodwood) Dominique Flament with Vol au Vent
Commandant Carde with Solitaire
1988 – SEOUL Adjudant Chef Limousin with Iris de La Fosse
1992 – BARCELONA Jean-Jacques Boisson with Oscar de La Loge
1996 – ATLANTA Jean-Louis Guntz with Rubis du Ruyer
2000 – SYDNEY Adjudant Courrèges with Débat d’Estruval
Jean-Luc Force on CrocusJacob
2000 – SYDNEY Adjudant Courrèges with Débat d’Estruval
Jean-Luc Force on CrocusJacob
2004 – ATHENS Arnaud Boiteau with Expo du Moulin (gold in the Team 3-Day Event)
Didier Courrèges with Débat d’Estruval (gold in the Team 3-Day Event)
2016 – RIO DE JANEIRO Thibaut Vallette with Qing du Briot*ENE-HN (gold by team)