The National Riding School

French Classical riding, with its prestigious military history, is the foundation for the Cadre Noir, and the teaching of the school. The Cadre Noir is the framework of the school and the ecuyers form the main body of instructors at the National Riding School.

The National Riding School, with its inherited prestigious background, was set up around the Cadre Noir in 1972.

Under the supervision of the Ministry for Health, Youth and Sport, the school collaborates with the French Equestrian Federation and benefits from indispensable support from the National Studs and the Ministries of Defense and Agriculture

Developing their original assignments of military origin, the ecuyers of the Cadre Noir of Saumur, in their role of instructors at heart of the National Riding School, train advanced riding professionals. The school runs numerous courses for both French and foreign instructors and competitors, and is the centre of Excellence for French Equitation (Pôle France) and Young Riders (Pôle Espoir).

Horses and riders develop their experiences specifically in competition, of which there are several organized using the exceptional facilities of the two sites at Terrefort and Verrie.

Research and documentation encourage improvement and diversification in technical and teaching methods

The Cadre Noir keeps its traditions alive with its public performances, its competition results, but above all by its teaching. Its vision knows no limits and plays an important role in the dissemination of French equitation

The Saumur site

The cavalry, the building and infrastructures

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Cour collectif à cheval

The Graduate School of horse riding

Created in 2015, the fruit of the synergy between two renowned schools, at the service of the formation

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The sport

To be aware and support the activities

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Le Cadre noir, têtes de chevaux dans le manège

The Cadre noir

Discover his history

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